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We Finished!



Kathy + Stacey

Team Front Range Rebelles

In 2019, we'll compete in the
Rebelle Rally, the first women’s 
off-road navigation rally raid
in the United States!

Kathy and Stacey, Team Front Range Rebelles
In 2019 we competed in the Rebelle Rally,
the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid 
in the United States! And we finished!


Together as Team Front Range Rebelles,
we pushed ourselves way past our comfort zones!

We hope to inspire young girls to push past their fears,
break out of society's lanes and chase their dreams!

We pledged to donate all funds exceeding our GoFundMe goal to Girls Inc of Metro Denver

an organization whose mission—teach every girl to value herself, take risks,

and discover her inherent strengths. 

Kathy Locke DRIVER

Kathy grew up adventuring and off roading—with family camping trips in a 1978 Ford Bronco throughout California and Nevada and all throughout the Rocky Mountains, as a teen, in the family’s 1986 4Runner towing a packed pop-up camper. Through her father’s love of the outdoors and her mother’s love of just taking a drive through the mountains, the adventurous spirit was instilled in her at a young age. 

Kathy’s first taste of the Rebelle Rally was in 2017 after interviewing another FJ Cruiser team, Team 154 Roads Less Traveled, for Toyota Cruisers & Trucks (TCT) magazine, which she does freelance design and writing for in her off time. After attending the event in October 2018 as media crew for TCT, and meeting the amazing rally participants and crew at the event, she knew right then and there she needed to do this rally. 


Kathy is the Marketing Manager at JLL and in her free time, she is the Creative Director for Toyota Cruisers & Trucks magazine, and is also the Vendor Partnerships liaison for the Colorado FJ Cruisers group. She is supported by her husband of almost 20 years, Joel, and two kids, Jackson and Grace, and three crazy Boston Terriers--Rosie, Rufus, and Rooney. This rally is in memory of her mom, Keiko Akimoto Woods, and her love of mountain drives.



Designer, artist, photographer, maker, creator, and off-roader, above all Stacey’s an absolute lover of animals and the outdoors. Stacey's love of nature came from her mom who took her and her sister camping through their early years. She taught them everything—how to build a fire, make a lean-to, how to be in nature and respect all living things. She shared the values of being adventurous, joyful and kind.


“Home” has been many places: St. Louis-born, then Houston, Miami, Amherst but New York City’s where she planted her flag. Her 22 years in the Big Apple saw her build the graphic design studio she owned and led for 12 years. It’s where she met lifelong friends and her husband.


A dozen years ago, wanderlust struck Stacey and TJ, so they traded a Manhattan high-rise for an 18' travel trailer. So began a life on-the-road that saw them live within the splendor of the National Parks for nearly three years. Now living in Denver and enjoying the mountain life with dogs “Seeger" (yellow Lab) and “Guthrie” (mixed shepherd). Loves—hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and off-road adventures. Stacey's happiest any place there are fewer people and more trees!